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At DYCUSA we follow Safety Standards and maintain our Vision of receiving recognition for our work, proudly becoming a company without accidents, continuously training our personnel to carry out all jobs with Safety, Hygiene and Order.
Our Industrial Safety department has more than 50 people, including technical personnel, supervisors and guards, who are duly equipped to protect the safety required at each of our jobsites. Our motto is “Safety is First”.

Some of the training received by our personnel is:

  • Identification of materials management and dangerous waste.
  • Continuous improvement for industrial guards.
  • Seminar on occupational safety and health.
  • Work Safety, Hygiene and Health.
  • Occupational Medicine.
  • Design, Development and Implementation of Routes.
  • Emergency Exits and Emergency Plans.
  • Form and Handling Fire Extinguishers in Fires.
  • High Performance Equipment.
  • Techniques for the development of basic safety programs.

In addition we have personnel certified by OSHA and, thanks to our strict Safety measures, we have obtained recognition with the “Safety Prize” for 1,000,000 man hours without injuries awarded by the Alcoa Wheel Plan Project and by the State Government for Maintaining Safety and Hygiene Conditions as a measure for combating Labor risks.  Training:  In DYCUSA we align our Continuous Improvement policy with permanent training in all areas of the company, which has led us to fully develop all of our collaborators, resulting in benefits for them and their families.

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